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A little ways down, at secondlife://vari/216/187/41 . A highway lead here from the casino, and I could see this cool tower on the hill. But in the game they're Matrix-letters which say NO ENTRY NO ENTRY, so I couldn't go any closer x.x Posted by Picasa

Second Life! Here's my usual AV at secondlife://ambat/103/158/59 on top of a casino that Jared showed me. I guess this is the first entry, but later ones will be mostly about interesting people and places I've visited! Posted by Picasa

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Happy Valentine's Day (Part 3 - Fast Draft)

The arctic fox would pick herself up, blushing hard and patting at her school uniform, it's skirt rumpled when she landed on its starched pleats. "Uh.. Sorry" she looked up at the two foxes, then squeaked in alarm. "H-hi Alys .." she would bow quickly, then, turning a little, would curtsey to Hiri "Hi?"

"Hiya Eori!" Hiri would quickly bend down, his paw reaching the pink and white notebook at just about the same time as Eori's, where they would touch each other by mistake as they both reached for the fallen school note at the same time. Alys would eartuck, and quickly snatch the notebook from both, pushing it into Eori's paws and grabbing at Hiri's shoulder. "The cafeteria, remember?" She would headtilt, and Hiri's stomach would growl to itself, angry at being delayed. "Eeek um, seeya" He would bow to the new fox, then be quickly carried off by Alys's hurry to get them alone together.

Eori would stand for a little, watching the two foxes walk away together, then a little blush would appear atop her muzzle and she would turn back to the Science building, then, noticing the time, she would yelp in alarm and dash into the dark hallways of the building.

--- At The Cafeteria --
Arriving at the cafeteria at lunchtime was always called an "experience" by new students. The mob of varied furs who filled the room made some of the first year students dizzy, and they would have to ask their friends to buy them food to eat instead of going into the crowded hall full of exciting smells and shapes and getting lost. Alys and Hiri would march together into the crowd, Hiri following her as she pushed and shoved larger and more impressively built furs out of the way as they worked their way across the room to the sandwich line, the best part of eating at the cafeteria obvious from all of the groaning students who tried to eat the shapeless gobs of goo that the dessert line was dishing out '';

The large panda behind the counter would look up as she saw Hiri approach, and start assembling a second sandwich in between taking orders from the student body associated with the long counter. As the two got to the front, she would headtilt Alys. "What would you like today, dear?" The motherly panda would ask, tilting her head and blinking at the small but active fox who just reached the front of the line. "I'd like ...... mmmm..." Alys would pause, not sure, since she had spent most of the time of their walk thinking about how Eori got to touch Hiri's paw, and he hadn't pulled it away, like he did when she made grabs for it. "I'd like .. Tuna!" she named the first thing that she saw on the sign behind the panda, regretting it an instant after she said it. "Tuna?" The sandwich keeper raised an eyebrow at the common order, but an unusual one for a fox, then started making the sandwich. As she spread the two pieces of bread to put the toppings on them, she would paw Hiri a chicken sandwich, which seemed unusually bulgy compared to the tuna one she handed to Alys a few moments later.

Alys would wrinkle her nose at the smell of her weird food, then look at Hiri's sandwich in confusion. "Why is it so big x_X?" She asked, whispering to the fox so no one would hear them over the murmuring and chomping as everyone ordered, bought, and dined. "I-" Hiri would start, then be interrupted instantly as he reached the front of the line, the thin cashier gulping as he saw the familiar fox put his food on the little scale next to the register. Beep .. beep .. boop .. bip ..
The other arctic fox exchange student at kyoto would blush as the machine chimed angrily, and spit out some receipt paper with big red Xs and INVALID PRICE/PRODUCT printed all over it it. "S-sorry x_x;" he eartucked, then pawed at the machine again, trying to enter the chicken sandwich without making a mistake with it. The line would stretch out suddenly, the quick pace stalled by the interruption and making people end up standing still at the sandwich line as it crowded into into the waiting-for-the-registers line.

Hiri would look at the arctic fox, dressed in the simple black and white uniform of the school cafeteria, a pin on his lapel that said "Hello .. I'm I x t" on it crookedly. The fox would peek out from under his visor at Hiri, admiring how he stood with his student card raised, his gaze sliding up the golden light fur of the foxes' arm until it touched his shirtsleeve, then around there to his shoulder ... and up along his tufted neckfur to finally meet his gaze. "Eeek?" Ixt would gulp, eartucking and falling back against the chair behind him, making a clatter. "My card?" Hiri would wave his ID at the confused cashier, half-wishing that he could buy food quickly like the other students, but kind of glad for the distraction from Alys, who stood almost too close behind him in line. Ixt would eartuck hard, then take the card from the other fox, almost dropping it before managing to slide it through the debit machine. "Beep!" The cash register would say happily, and print out a receipt with PAID and a circle O on it in green ink. Ixt pulled the receipt, but it didn't tear right and a big blank piece came off along with the printed part. He would paw it to .. Hiri.. he finally worked up his courage enough to read the name on the ID card. Then he would turn to Alys, but the fox standing at the counter didn't make a move to pick up his food. Ixt blinked.

"My card?" Hiri would giggle, then snatch his ID from the paw of the clerk, pick up his sandwich, and walk into the crowd through the archway behind him, flashing an apologetic grin at Alys. Ixt would eartuck hard, then turn to the other yellow fox. looking at her food with confusion. "Fish?"

*Beep!* This time, the register worked right away, and as Alys rushed to catch up with the other fox Ixt would work hard to get rid of the backlog of customers.

Happy Valentine's Day (Part 2 - Fast Draft)

As the two foxes walked across the open fields towards the Sciences Center, Alys would turn to her neighbor..
"Hiri, why are you running late all the time?" she asked, hefting her books up onto her shoulder and growling a little at their weight, taking a few deep breaths of the air, which was faintly scented with freshly cut grass and dandelions. "Well..." Hiri shrugged, the fox not particularly sure, since he was not in the habit of introspection very much. Looking up as he trudged along, a mowing system 3000 would rumble past, the robot-guided machine cutting the grass in front of them and giving him an excuse to fall silent again.

A small unheard grumble escaped the girl, who was disappointed by his lack of interest in the question. They were soon joined by another crowd of first year students from one of the Arts buildings, who were excitedly discussing a new music video that one of them had seen. Their excited squeeing and tailwagging cheered up even the frustrated Alys, who would grin at Hiri as they reached the Science Center, only a couple of minutes late.

It would take another minute to pad through the complicated twisty hallways to their organic chemistry laboratory, the first class which the two had on Tuesdays. The teaching assistant, a gray marmoset, looked up when they entered and smiled. "Glad to see you could make it to class today, Miss Ikura and Mister Sabuyo." He made a small bow, then turned back to the rest of the class. "And, as I was saying... you should be sure not so spill the diazepam which were are going to synthesize today on your fur, especially any bare patches.." He would stare into the back of the classroom at the troublemaker students ..

The several hour class passed by quickly, and the two foxes were successful in making their samples of of the chemical. Hiri's stomach started growling to itself about three quarters of the way through the class, making him eartuck in embarassment. Alys would giggle, and the marmoset looked over at them, then went back to keeping the reckless students from drugging themselves sillier than they already were as they struggled with the arcane glassware used to do the experiments. The two put their samples in the grading box, then Alys poked Hiri playfully in the tummy.

"He-eeek! hey~! x_x;" Hiri squeaked, blushing hard and pushing Alys's paw away, another loud grumble escaping the hungry fox. "You're cute when you're angry : D" Alys would yip brightly, then turn away, tailswishing. "Are you going to come to the cafeteria with me for lunch, or not?" She tossed her head, her headfur flopping a little as she began walking. "Uh-of course .. I guess .." Hiri hazarded, following Alys along towards the entrance to the building, where just as she pushed the open bar, another student rushed in through the door, bumping into them both and dropping her notebook on the floor!

Valentine's Day (Dramatis Persone)

Okay so um
I'd better make a list of all the characters so far so I don't get them mixed up in my head x_x;

Hiri Sabuyo, a fox with yellow-orange fur on top and cream colored below, has a fluffy tail which often knocks over things behind him. He's also the main character of my story : D He goes to school at Kyoto University, which is a school like my school only with the buildings even farther apart o_O" *sweatdrops* You'll get to know Hiri really really well during this story, so there will be more updates as I describe him further, like especially the shower scene I'm adding to the beginning of the story for everyone who likes to paw right away after starting to read, then read the rest during the afterglow ^__^;;

Dral Kimuro, a grey-white half-wolf-half-mongrel, is Hiri's bombshell roommate : D Will Hiri catch him in a comprimising position? or will he just show up and be cute/handsome all the time^^? Dral would be a Writing major, but he is really laid-back and undecided about it, so he might change later ^^

Alys Ikura, the also-cute girlfox who lives down the hall from Hiri in their coed dorm, has a MASSIVE crush on him.. But she is tomboyish and would rather tease than play at the game of love. She's a Sciences major like Hiri, but is better at school than he is, so she forces tutoring on him every chance she gets.

Characters that still need to be introduced, but are important:

Eori Sandamus, an arctic fox exchange student and Alys's want-to-be-girlfriend, who likes to follow her around but is too shy to say anything.. but she is super nice and friendly, so she bakes cookies for Dral, and hangs around the dorm to get chances to see Alys when she goes between her room and the showers down the hallway ^^; She would make cookies for Hiri too, but Hiri doesn't eat sweets. She still hasn't found out his favorite food, or she would make it for him.. Maybe sushi? She really likes to cook and is awesome in the kitchen, the master of spatulas and suchlike.

Desk Robot 1101: There's a robot built into the desk at the dorm (they left in such a hurry it hasn't been introduced yet. Hiri is friendly to it and the robot would be happy if it could be, but it can only take letters and direct telephone calls, and give keys if students get locked out of their rooms by checking their pawprints^^ There's going to be a tender moment later when Hiri gets locked out of both his room, loses his towel, and has to take the elevator down to the first floor and hold hands with the robot to get a spare temporaty key, so wait for it .. ^^; *tailswish* it's going to be super sweet and cute : D

Marmoset TA: Science Lab - The marmoset watches his students intently, and is glad when they do well in class. He sometimes goes to the cafeteria, and would observe anything that occurs around him closely : D Quick to put two and two together, will he determine the identity of the (heavily planned plot twist that must remain hidden until you read it in the story, but which I don't need to write to remember ^^)

Sandwich Line Panda - The panda makes sandwiches in the cafeteria. She likes Hiri and Dral, so their sandwiches are always extra yummy when they go, which is often ^^;

Subby Checkout First Year Student - The first year student didn't have enough money to properly go to school, so the Dean lets him work in the cafeteria at lunch every day instead of charging tuition. He has a crush on Hiri, but is even shyer than Eori so he constantly messes up entering the prices for Hiri's food when he comes to check out, making him take longer and the lines get big x_x; but Hiri is always in the habit of going to the same register, the one on the end... so he *always* has to ring him up. : D

Dean - The dean might not be in the story. But her name is Dean, because she was named after her uncle who paid for her mother to go to school and learn boxing. Much backstory available, but probably won't be in this story at all ^^;

Valentine's Day (Part 2 - Cell Phone Edition)

To continue where we left off last time, our hero is sharing his elevator with the girl.
"Hiri, why are you running late all the time?" she asked, hefting her books up onto her shoulder and growling a little at their weight. "Well..." Hiri shrugged, the SPECIES not particularly sure, since he was not in the habit of introspection very much. Looking up at the rows of lights running across the top edge of the small room, he fell silent. A small grumble escaped the girl, who was disappointed by his lack of interest in the question. Arriving at the ground floor, they walked together to the science building, where they took organic chemistry laboratory together. The teaching assistant, a gray marmoset, looked up when they entered and smiled. "Glad to see you could make it to class today, Miss Ikura and Mister Sabuyo." He made a

This part I wrote on my cellular handset while I was on the bus coming home from school x_x; I think I spelled everyone's name wrong, and I forgot if Hiri was a fox or not so >_> I'm going to re-write this rightnow! but you can see the original version ^^


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Squire! By Samifox ^^;
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Happy Valentine's Day (Part 1 - Fast Draft)

Hiri opened his eyes at the little bzzz of the alarm, and looked up at the bottom of his roommate's bed.
He sat up and reached out with his paw and clicked the alarm off, his roommate turning over sleepily to face the wall as he climbed out of bed and grabbed his fresh clothes from the chair, then dashed out of the room to get ready for another day of classes at Kyoto University.

After spending a few minutes in the shower room down the hall, with the hot water blasting over him, he decided that he was awake enough to get dressed and go grab a snack before his first class. He walked back to his room and opened the door, which was plated with a pair of nameplates: Hiri and Dral, his roommate. The fox grabbed his bookbag from under his desk and turned around to see the sleepy eyes of his half-wolf roommate slowly open, and a mild groan ensue.. "Uhhhhh..."

"Hey, good morning, Dral!" Hiri would say, grinning at his exhausted roommate. "Did you get that paper finished?"
The wolf would yawn, nodding sleepily .. "Yea..aah... I guess I need to get up.." he would stretch, then sit up in bed, the sheets sliding into a crumpled heap in his lap. Hiri would nod to his roommate, glad to hear that he had completed his english paper in time to submit it before it was late again. The gray-streaked Dral would smile back, then look between Hiri and the digital clock on the dresser. "Aren't you late for class again?"

Hiri would squeak in worry, looking at the clock! 8:55. "AIEEE! I was in the shower longer than I thought!" He would yelp, then slip on his shoes and dash out of the room! "Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" He ran down the hall and leaped into the elevator before the doors could close, almost bumping into Alys, his classmate. "You're late, again." She smirked, and he grinned back. "Not any later than you, this time!" The elevator ride was short, and they walked to class together.

what it is for

This journal is for
all the stories and yiffiness that
wouldn't go on my other journal ^__^
Maybe because, there are people reading it who
wouldn't be so happy to read something yiffy or
maybe because, there are people reading it who
are too young to read that sort of story : D
but but but!
Don't worry since,
I like writting fluffy stories^__^;;
The best stories will come later once
I gain more skill at writing : D

The name of the first story is

Happy Valentine's Day



Today is Saturday : D
Weekends are super good ^__^
It's time to write again!
*picks up a pen and paper*