Happy Valentine's Day (Part 1 - Fast Draft)

Hiri opened his eyes at the little bzzz of the alarm, and looked up at the bottom of his roommate's bed.
He sat up and reached out with his paw and clicked the alarm off, his roommate turning over sleepily to face the wall as he climbed out of bed and grabbed his fresh clothes from the chair, then dashed out of the room to get ready for another day of classes at Kyoto University.

After spending a few minutes in the shower room down the hall, with the hot water blasting over him, he decided that he was awake enough to get dressed and go grab a snack before his first class. He walked back to his room and opened the door, which was plated with a pair of nameplates: Hiri and Dral, his roommate. The fox grabbed his bookbag from under his desk and turned around to see the sleepy eyes of his half-wolf roommate slowly open, and a mild groan ensue.. "Uhhhhh..."

"Hey, good morning, Dral!" Hiri would say, grinning at his exhausted roommate. "Did you get that paper finished?"
The wolf would yawn, nodding sleepily .. "Yea..aah... I guess I need to get up.." he would stretch, then sit up in bed, the sheets sliding into a crumpled heap in his lap. Hiri would nod to his roommate, glad to hear that he had completed his english paper in time to submit it before it was late again. The gray-streaked Dral would smile back, then look between Hiri and the digital clock on the dresser. "Aren't you late for class again?"

Hiri would squeak in worry, looking at the clock! 8:55. "AIEEE! I was in the shower longer than I thought!" He would yelp, then slip on his shoes and dash out of the room! "Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" He ran down the hall and leaped into the elevator before the doors could close, almost bumping into Alys, his classmate. "You're late, again." She smirked, and he grinned back. "Not any later than you, this time!" The elevator ride was short, and they walked to class together.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not bad so far, though nothing has happened yet (of not).

What's with the tense? All those "would"s make it sound like you're posing a hypathetical situations or having a fantasy or something.

Probably say something about the other parts too when I get there.

It's me btw. I'll catch you with my nitpick tomorrow.

Signed, Anony "CSI rules" mous

Wednesday, May 25, 2005  

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