Valentine's Day (Part 2 - Cell Phone Edition)

To continue where we left off last time, our hero is sharing his elevator with the girl.
"Hiri, why are you running late all the time?" she asked, hefting her books up onto her shoulder and growling a little at their weight. "Well..." Hiri shrugged, the SPECIES not particularly sure, since he was not in the habit of introspection very much. Looking up at the rows of lights running across the top edge of the small room, he fell silent. A small grumble escaped the girl, who was disappointed by his lack of interest in the question. Arriving at the ground floor, they walked together to the science building, where they took organic chemistry laboratory together. The teaching assistant, a gray marmoset, looked up when they entered and smiled. "Glad to see you could make it to class today, Miss Ikura and Mister Sabuyo." He made a

This part I wrote on my cellular handset while I was on the bus coming home from school x_x; I think I spelled everyone's name wrong, and I forgot if Hiri was a fox or not so >_> I'm going to re-write this rightnow! but you can see the original version ^^


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