Valentine's Day (Dramatis Persone)

Okay so um
I'd better make a list of all the characters so far so I don't get them mixed up in my head x_x;

Hiri Sabuyo, a fox with yellow-orange fur on top and cream colored below, has a fluffy tail which often knocks over things behind him. He's also the main character of my story : D He goes to school at Kyoto University, which is a school like my school only with the buildings even farther apart o_O" *sweatdrops* You'll get to know Hiri really really well during this story, so there will be more updates as I describe him further, like especially the shower scene I'm adding to the beginning of the story for everyone who likes to paw right away after starting to read, then read the rest during the afterglow ^__^;;

Dral Kimuro, a grey-white half-wolf-half-mongrel, is Hiri's bombshell roommate : D Will Hiri catch him in a comprimising position? or will he just show up and be cute/handsome all the time^^? Dral would be a Writing major, but he is really laid-back and undecided about it, so he might change later ^^

Alys Ikura, the also-cute girlfox who lives down the hall from Hiri in their coed dorm, has a MASSIVE crush on him.. But she is tomboyish and would rather tease than play at the game of love. She's a Sciences major like Hiri, but is better at school than he is, so she forces tutoring on him every chance she gets.

Characters that still need to be introduced, but are important:

Eori Sandamus, an arctic fox exchange student and Alys's want-to-be-girlfriend, who likes to follow her around but is too shy to say anything.. but she is super nice and friendly, so she bakes cookies for Dral, and hangs around the dorm to get chances to see Alys when she goes between her room and the showers down the hallway ^^; She would make cookies for Hiri too, but Hiri doesn't eat sweets. She still hasn't found out his favorite food, or she would make it for him.. Maybe sushi? She really likes to cook and is awesome in the kitchen, the master of spatulas and suchlike.

Desk Robot 1101: There's a robot built into the desk at the dorm (they left in such a hurry it hasn't been introduced yet. Hiri is friendly to it and the robot would be happy if it could be, but it can only take letters and direct telephone calls, and give keys if students get locked out of their rooms by checking their pawprints^^ There's going to be a tender moment later when Hiri gets locked out of both his room, loses his towel, and has to take the elevator down to the first floor and hold hands with the robot to get a spare temporaty key, so wait for it .. ^^; *tailswish* it's going to be super sweet and cute : D

Marmoset TA: Science Lab - The marmoset watches his students intently, and is glad when they do well in class. He sometimes goes to the cafeteria, and would observe anything that occurs around him closely : D Quick to put two and two together, will he determine the identity of the (heavily planned plot twist that must remain hidden until you read it in the story, but which I don't need to write to remember ^^)

Sandwich Line Panda - The panda makes sandwiches in the cafeteria. She likes Hiri and Dral, so their sandwiches are always extra yummy when they go, which is often ^^;

Subby Checkout First Year Student - The first year student didn't have enough money to properly go to school, so the Dean lets him work in the cafeteria at lunch every day instead of charging tuition. He has a crush on Hiri, but is even shyer than Eori so he constantly messes up entering the prices for Hiri's food when he comes to check out, making him take longer and the lines get big x_x; but Hiri is always in the habit of going to the same register, the one on the end... so he *always* has to ring him up. : D

Dean - The dean might not be in the story. But her name is Dean, because she was named after her uncle who paid for her mother to go to school and learn boxing. Much backstory available, but probably won't be in this story at all ^^;


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You might consider giving some description of the character in the story!

me, btw.

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