Happy Valentine's Day (Part 2 - Fast Draft)

As the two foxes walked across the open fields towards the Sciences Center, Alys would turn to her neighbor..
"Hiri, why are you running late all the time?" she asked, hefting her books up onto her shoulder and growling a little at their weight, taking a few deep breaths of the air, which was faintly scented with freshly cut grass and dandelions. "Well..." Hiri shrugged, the fox not particularly sure, since he was not in the habit of introspection very much. Looking up as he trudged along, a mowing system 3000 would rumble past, the robot-guided machine cutting the grass in front of them and giving him an excuse to fall silent again.

A small unheard grumble escaped the girl, who was disappointed by his lack of interest in the question. They were soon joined by another crowd of first year students from one of the Arts buildings, who were excitedly discussing a new music video that one of them had seen. Their excited squeeing and tailwagging cheered up even the frustrated Alys, who would grin at Hiri as they reached the Science Center, only a couple of minutes late.

It would take another minute to pad through the complicated twisty hallways to their organic chemistry laboratory, the first class which the two had on Tuesdays. The teaching assistant, a gray marmoset, looked up when they entered and smiled. "Glad to see you could make it to class today, Miss Ikura and Mister Sabuyo." He made a small bow, then turned back to the rest of the class. "And, as I was saying... you should be sure not so spill the diazepam which were are going to synthesize today on your fur, especially any bare patches.." He would stare into the back of the classroom at the troublemaker students ..

The several hour class passed by quickly, and the two foxes were successful in making their samples of of the chemical. Hiri's stomach started growling to itself about three quarters of the way through the class, making him eartuck in embarassment. Alys would giggle, and the marmoset looked over at them, then went back to keeping the reckless students from drugging themselves sillier than they already were as they struggled with the arcane glassware used to do the experiments. The two put their samples in the grading box, then Alys poked Hiri playfully in the tummy.

"He-eeek! hey~! x_x;" Hiri squeaked, blushing hard and pushing Alys's paw away, another loud grumble escaping the hungry fox. "You're cute when you're angry : D" Alys would yip brightly, then turn away, tailswishing. "Are you going to come to the cafeteria with me for lunch, or not?" She tossed her head, her headfur flopping a little as she began walking. "Uh-of course .. I guess .." Hiri hazarded, following Alys along towards the entrance to the building, where just as she pushed the open bar, another student rushed in through the door, bumping into them both and dropping her notebook on the floor!


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