Happy Valentine's Day (Part 3 - Fast Draft)

The arctic fox would pick herself up, blushing hard and patting at her school uniform, it's skirt rumpled when she landed on its starched pleats. "Uh.. Sorry" she looked up at the two foxes, then squeaked in alarm. "H-hi Alys .." she would bow quickly, then, turning a little, would curtsey to Hiri "Hi?"

"Hiya Eori!" Hiri would quickly bend down, his paw reaching the pink and white notebook at just about the same time as Eori's, where they would touch each other by mistake as they both reached for the fallen school note at the same time. Alys would eartuck, and quickly snatch the notebook from both, pushing it into Eori's paws and grabbing at Hiri's shoulder. "The cafeteria, remember?" She would headtilt, and Hiri's stomach would growl to itself, angry at being delayed. "Eeek um, seeya" He would bow to the new fox, then be quickly carried off by Alys's hurry to get them alone together.

Eori would stand for a little, watching the two foxes walk away together, then a little blush would appear atop her muzzle and she would turn back to the Science building, then, noticing the time, she would yelp in alarm and dash into the dark hallways of the building.

--- At The Cafeteria --
Arriving at the cafeteria at lunchtime was always called an "experience" by new students. The mob of varied furs who filled the room made some of the first year students dizzy, and they would have to ask their friends to buy them food to eat instead of going into the crowded hall full of exciting smells and shapes and getting lost. Alys and Hiri would march together into the crowd, Hiri following her as she pushed and shoved larger and more impressively built furs out of the way as they worked their way across the room to the sandwich line, the best part of eating at the cafeteria obvious from all of the groaning students who tried to eat the shapeless gobs of goo that the dessert line was dishing out '';

The large panda behind the counter would look up as she saw Hiri approach, and start assembling a second sandwich in between taking orders from the student body associated with the long counter. As the two got to the front, she would headtilt Alys. "What would you like today, dear?" The motherly panda would ask, tilting her head and blinking at the small but active fox who just reached the front of the line. "I'd like ...... mmmm..." Alys would pause, not sure, since she had spent most of the time of their walk thinking about how Eori got to touch Hiri's paw, and he hadn't pulled it away, like he did when she made grabs for it. "I'd like .. Tuna!" she named the first thing that she saw on the sign behind the panda, regretting it an instant after she said it. "Tuna?" The sandwich keeper raised an eyebrow at the common order, but an unusual one for a fox, then started making the sandwich. As she spread the two pieces of bread to put the toppings on them, she would paw Hiri a chicken sandwich, which seemed unusually bulgy compared to the tuna one she handed to Alys a few moments later.

Alys would wrinkle her nose at the smell of her weird food, then look at Hiri's sandwich in confusion. "Why is it so big x_X?" She asked, whispering to the fox so no one would hear them over the murmuring and chomping as everyone ordered, bought, and dined. "I-" Hiri would start, then be interrupted instantly as he reached the front of the line, the thin cashier gulping as he saw the familiar fox put his food on the little scale next to the register. Beep .. beep .. boop .. bip ..
The other arctic fox exchange student at kyoto would blush as the machine chimed angrily, and spit out some receipt paper with big red Xs and INVALID PRICE/PRODUCT printed all over it it. "S-sorry x_x;" he eartucked, then pawed at the machine again, trying to enter the chicken sandwich without making a mistake with it. The line would stretch out suddenly, the quick pace stalled by the interruption and making people end up standing still at the sandwich line as it crowded into into the waiting-for-the-registers line.

Hiri would look at the arctic fox, dressed in the simple black and white uniform of the school cafeteria, a pin on his lapel that said "Hello .. I'm I x t" on it crookedly. The fox would peek out from under his visor at Hiri, admiring how he stood with his student card raised, his gaze sliding up the golden light fur of the foxes' arm until it touched his shirtsleeve, then around there to his shoulder ... and up along his tufted neckfur to finally meet his gaze. "Eeek?" Ixt would gulp, eartucking and falling back against the chair behind him, making a clatter. "My card?" Hiri would wave his ID at the confused cashier, half-wishing that he could buy food quickly like the other students, but kind of glad for the distraction from Alys, who stood almost too close behind him in line. Ixt would eartuck hard, then take the card from the other fox, almost dropping it before managing to slide it through the debit machine. "Beep!" The cash register would say happily, and print out a receipt with PAID and a circle O on it in green ink. Ixt pulled the receipt, but it didn't tear right and a big blank piece came off along with the printed part. He would paw it to .. Hiri.. he finally worked up his courage enough to read the name on the ID card. Then he would turn to Alys, but the fox standing at the counter didn't make a move to pick up his food. Ixt blinked.

"My card?" Hiri would giggle, then snatch his ID from the paw of the clerk, pick up his sandwich, and walk into the crowd through the archway behind him, flashing an apologetic grin at Alys. Ixt would eartuck hard, then turn to the other yellow fox. looking at her food with confusion. "Fish?"

*Beep!* This time, the register worked right away, and as Alys rushed to catch up with the other fox Ixt would work hard to get rid of the backlog of customers.


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just hitting you back with some comments on your stuff. thanks for the nice comments on my blog. you got some interesting writting here. have a good one.

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I've been really busy with school so I haven't gotten much done besides t_t..
but summer is almost here!
*is glad*

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